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What do adults of all ages and skill levels know about The Dance Barre? That dance is a fun, challenging, and socially rewarding outlet. Come to The Dance Barre... have fun, get your body and mind in shape, and make some new friends.

Founded by a 3rd generation dancer and studio owner, The Dance Barre adult dance studio was created to focus on the unique needs of the adult dancer.

Dancers of all ages and skill levels are welcome. If you are new to dance, or want to jump back in with the kinds of classes you took as a kid you will feel welcome at The Dance Barre. 

Check out our adult dance schedule, get to know our staff, take a look at our affordable pricing, and let us know what you want dance to do for you. 


With the Mind Body App you can take control of your personal fitness destiny. We feel like it is the best tool to connect with our clients and think that you will love it too. Download the app today to see our online schedule, book and pay for classes, read and leave reviews, and track your progress. 

“The MINDBODY app has really helped me to find the classes and studios I was looking for, especially when I moved to a completely different city this past fall!”
— Kathryn Dykas
“Quick and easy to book appointments. I thought online booking was good, but this is even better.”
— Steven Ojari
“I love the simplicity and ease of the MINDBODY app. It allows me the freedom and flexibility to book at multiple locations in just a few clicks using one hand—and with two toddlers, that is a real gift.”
— Maureen Boyd

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