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Dance Barre Teens


The Dance Barre Teens program is for students, 13 years or older. These classes focus on the fundamentals of technique, stage presences, self expression, and are open to all levels. Teens will be encouraged to harness their creativity, explore their emotions, and dig into the art of dance. Our classes are free of judgement, competition, and snootiness.  

There’s a place for you at The Dance Barre - it’s never too late to start studying dance!


Attend all of our teen dance classes as often as you like with our Unlimited Monthly Plan (no contract) for $95/month plus a one time $35 registration fee.

Still not sure? Drop-in! Your first week is FREE!


Broadway Bound Series

Ever fantasize about dancing on Broadway?  Everything from Chicago to Hamilton, learn the steps to multiple genres throughout this workshop series. Each four week session will focus on a different Broadway dance style with a heart pumping cardio warm-up!  Participate in one, or all sessions!  All levels are welcome. Advanced registration encouraged but not required! 

Tuesdays 5:30-6:30 PM

Musical Theatre

Pulling music and movement from popular musicals, this class is just plain fun! Improve muscle memory and coordination and build dance skills to enter an audition with confidence!  

Thursdays 4:30-:30 pm

TDBTeens Tap

Beginning Tap

Tap is a great way for dancers to find their musicality and rhythm. Teaching coordination, syncopation and control, tap is a workout for your brain and your body!  

Mondays            5:30-6:30 pm

adult jazz lessons and jazz dance classes at an adult dance studio


Although jazz, characterized by strong, powerful, precise movement seems to contrast with lyrical, the softer storytelling style, both of these genres are based in ballet, require similar technique, and are considered a foundation for any well rounded dancer.  

Tuesdays 4:30-5:30 pm

Ballet / Technique Enhancement

Using refined movement and utilizing dance medicine and physical therapy techniques, this class is designed to safely excel muscle memory, technique execution and flexibility training as well as prevent dance related injuries.

Ballet Technique Enhancement
8 Week Sessions
July 15-August 9