You’ve finally decided to attend an adult dance class? Here’s what to expect.

1. Expect to come through the doors at The Dance Barre with a staff member eager to make you comfortable and included. We know it took a lot of energy and gumption to make it to dance class. You are here to feel restored and we are here to help you do that. We are nonjudgmental and will include you right away.


2. Expect to feel confident about your babes in arms or clinging to your legs. At The Dance Barre we have a thoughtful children’s area we call The Plié  Ground (get it). Your child will be engaged in an activity appropriate for his or her age with a trained caregiver; books, blocks, crafts, and movement.


3. Are you coming straight from work or errands? Didn’t get your workout gear on? Expect clean, private restrooms set up for dancers to change clothes. Shoot for comfort and ease of movement in your clothing choice.

4. Forget to hydrate or need an energy snack? You can expect a health conscious vending machine filled with water, and healthful food choices.


5. Haven’t committed to purchasing dance shoes? A pair of socks work just fine, so come as you are.

6. Don’t want to feel like a fool or get in anyone’s way during class? No one’s looking at you, we are all worried about ourselves anyway. There are absolute beginners and Dance Barre regulars. Expect a space just for you wherever your level of dance development. Low pressure, but high rate of return on your time invested.


7. Expect about an hour long class, beginning with a thorough warm up, engaging combinations to stimulate your mind as well as your body, followed by a cool down, getting you ready to bring your best self to the rest of your life.

8. Expect plans to fit your needs and your pocketbook. Affordable for budget conscious moms (and Dads) and college students.

9. Expect a variety of dance options; Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Modern, Barre, Yogalatas, and Cardio Dance.

no tutu required.jpg

10. Expect to experience surprises you might not have anticipated like positive effects from meditative state, heightened body awareness, greater physical and mental energies for other aspects of your life; family, studies, personal growth.