3 essential ways hip opening will improve your life

1. Hip opening fights modern life.  We spend ever more time at a desk, in a car, on the couch and less and less time climbing hills, laying prone, or lengthening the hip muscles. Concentrated hip opening literally counteracts these unhealthy practices. Sitting shortens the hip flexors at the front of the hips and at the hip rotators. Lack of movement reduces lubrication of the joints.

2. Opening the hips addresses the whole body. "There are four muscle groups and about 17 different muscles that move the hip in these four directions.” –Pilates Back Joint Exercise There are few movements that don’t involve the hip muscles. There is rarely a movement that does not involve the use of the hip in some way. Rising, bending over, walking… this constant use without care can take a toll leaving pain, irritation, lack of mobility, and referred pain to other parts of the body. Tight hips increase the load on the spine.

3. Hip opening spurs creativity. Traditional yogic thoughts holds that the hips are a storage center for unresolved pain, anger, control, and fear. It’s not uncommon for hip opening to release pent up emotions and stem a creative spike. It is thought to increase unique creativity, physically, mentally, and spirituality.

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