5 Ways to Get to Dance Class Even Though You’re Too Busy

1.      Just Keep Moving. Let’s face it, busy people get things done. If anyone is going to be able to make a new thing work it’s going to be someone who is used to juggling and finding the needle in the haystack of time management. You have magic powers… or something scientists call momentum.

Momentum can be incredibly powerful. Use it to your advantage. Just start small and then when momentum kicks in, keep going (Johnathan Milligan, A blogger who helps people)

2.      Write it down. You’ve heard that writing something down helps you remember. But did you know writing down your goals actually causes a chemical reaction in your brain that helps pave the way for action? Henrietta Klauser, in her book Write It Down, Make It Happen says,

Writing down your dreams and aspirations is like hanging up a sign that says, "Open for Business." Or, as my friend Elaine puts it, by writing it down, you declare yourself in the game. Putting it on paper alerts the part of your brain known as the reticular activating system to join you in the play.

The RAS is like a filtering system of the brain. Writing it down sets up the filter. Things start to appear—it's a matter of your filtering system.

3.      Set boundaries. Chad Buck, a clinical psychologist at Vanderbilt University’s Work/Life Employee Assistance Program, is consulted in the Huffington Post, “It is not selfish to take care of yourself and your needs while also considering the needs of others,” Buck said. “It makes you more effective and less burned out from helping if you set some limits.”

4.      Don’t sweat the stupid stuff. At The Dance Barre we do not live by the Dairy Queen motto “No shirt, no shoes, no service”. You don’t need ballet, jazz, or whatever shoes. You don’t need fancy-schmancy workout gear. Does your best friend care if you don’t have eyeliner on? Heck no, neither do we.

5.      Life is Art, Art is Life. From body placement in space, learning musicality, or the pleasure of perfecting a simple routine, dance is a rare form of art; tapping into all of our sense all at once. From the blog SpeakArtLoud, we learn:

We need art because it makes us complete human beings.
We need art to have a full range of expression.
We need art to keep us healthy.