What does Tony Robbins suggest to reconnect with yourself?

Have you lost your spark, that special mojo, the snap that used to make you witty, charming, and full of verve? Maybe you’re a young adult, testing your limits and expanding your repertoire of skills and experiences. Dance is one of the best ways to meet all of these needs as well as give you the mind body connection we all struggle to maintain in the digital age. Tony Robbins (you know him, right? Mr. Motivation) on his blog claims dance is one of the best ways to reconnect to yourself. “…did you know that it can also help you get back in touch with who you really are at your core?” Who doesn’t need to find their true motivation and focus on inner happiness?

Max Reif from The Mindful Word blog says … “during my upbringing I had retreated a great deal into my head. I believed that in New York, I may have discovered the means by which we human beings could Re-charge. These “primitive contemporary” rituals, like dancing…”  Moving your mind away from the internal and focusing on the present, the body in space, and the tangible vibrations created can lead to renewed energy, discovery of answers to our life’s questions and a stronger relationship to all aspects of ourselves; mind, body, spirit.

According to Pamela McIntyre’s (Nia and Journeydance instructor) interview in  Aspire Magazine’s online blog article regarding yoga and dance, “…no matter what form of dance we are doing, somewhere embedded in the experience is a joyous sensation of celebration, ritual, and spiritual connection.”   

Ellen Wilcox, owner, proprietor and instructor at The Dance Barre has this to say, “…dance is a fun, challenging, and socially rewarding outlet. Come to The Dance Barre... have fun, get your body and mind in shape, and make some new friends.”