Babywearing + Barre =

1. Becoming a parent is truly magical in so many ways, especially when you find new ways of connecting with this beautiful new human. Movement and dance are especially freeing and they feel good. However, one of the biggest concerns of new moms (and not so new) is a lack of time for exercise. Babywearing classes are a perfect fit for those who want to feel better, fit, and more connected to their child and the world around them.

Carrying your baby is a great way to develop strength for yourself and your little one. However, I’m also a big fan of babywearing, particularly for easing into your workouts after delivery. If you start while your baby is young, you will naturally progress in weight as your child grows
— Nicole Crawford a coach at,

2. We’ve all heard the benefits of babywearing, from less crying to healthier immunity, but according to Dr. Sears babies that are worn are provided balance from their mother’s breathing and movements that encourage equilibrium within their disorganized systems. In addition, babywearing can lead to greater learning and intelligence.

I have noticed that sling babies seem more attentive, clicking into adult conversations as if they were part of it. Babywearing enhances speech development. Because baby is up at voice and eye level, he is more involved in conversations. He learns a valuable speech lesson – the ability to listen. Sling babies spend more time in the state of quiet alertness.
— Dr. Sears

3. “Any babywearing group meeting… (including babywearing barre class) is a great place to make friends! At The Dance Barre, it’s a come as you are approach. We are proud you made it to class with or without your child (don’t forget we offer free and fun childcare as well), our goal is to provide an uplifting environment and experience, which we believe is inclusive and nonrestrictive.

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Join us Saturday, April 14 for our first ever Baby Wearing Barre Workshop

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